We create a dream business Edible CupEdible Cup is 100% sustainable

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We developed our unique technology for making tasty cups, which made the process quick, smooth, understandable and pleasant for employees.

We always strive for innovation, service and quality!

  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция
  • Cookie cup - продукция


You can buy a equipment kit "Edible Cup" and get:

  • Unique recipes, which the glass will be keep drink from 15 minutes to 24 hours
  • Unique kit for making from 50 to 80 cups a day, anywhere: at home, in the cafe or the restaurant
  • Branded promotional materials: brochures, business cards, flyers, etc.
  • Branded functional website + popular page in instagram and facebook
  • Consultations and support from your partner
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What do you get from cooperation with us?

  • The ability to produce A unique product andto become an industry leader
  • Possibility to depositsignificant contribution in the ecology ofCountries and Worlds
  • Assistance in the selection of suppliers, estimates for therequired equipment and products
  • Recipes for 13 types of glasses and the possibility ofexpanding to 100 tastes
  • Permanent individual consultations in skype with personal manager
  • Video training for emploees about product formulations
  • High payback. Recognizable image and image of the company
  • All future developments with a discount of 95%

For investor

We are looking for a partner. Who is ready to open a joint business with the prospect of a future global scale.


Potential of delicious dishes ~ 500 billion's $

All 100% satisfied customers

High return on investment

Clean highly environmentally friendly product for mass consumption

At the moment, the production of tasty 100 ml cups has been set up, and equipment for glasses of 50, 150, 200 and 250 ml of different shapes and cups with a 50 ml has been developed, and there are already first prototypes of new products. The technology is being developed for the production of edible cutlery, glasses, wine glasses, plates and bowls

About us

What is a edible cup?

The idea originated with us at the beginning of the year, and we began to implement,during our development and experiments, we, finally, received a quality eco-friendly product!

We were moved only by one force - to make the world better and cleaner!

  • We hope that edible dishes will be widely distributed. Which will help save the world thanks to wasteless dishes
  • Tasty cups are made from natural ingredients, without GMOs, dyes and preservatives, the production brings only benefit to people and the environment.
  • Tasty cups are a new direction in the food industry. All people - children and adults smilng, they are happy to drink from our cups and then they can jusy eat them. The world becomes more cheerful and joyful.